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Gian Genta was born 68 years Savona, where he resides.
Selected twice to the Italy Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2011 in both Milan and in Turin today his activities he committed almost exclusively in ceramics.
Frequent circles attended the school and the legendary artistic Albissolese since the 60-70 years after the debut of four Roma Gian Genta lives in close contact with the biggest names in Italian with whom she has a friendly relationship but at the same time confidentiality and respect fascinated by the different as, Jorn, Lam, Locksmiths, Sassu, and Fontana and others with whom he had a chance to think and reflect.
As an artist Gian Genta found only in recent years a growing interest from critics, was the crucial experiment with clay, at the first workshop in Turi Albissola and later at the studio of Sandro Soravia that still hosts for the firing of his pottery.

Gian Genta
Via San Francesco 3
Savona  17100 It
Phone: 39.3930688990


Profile Link: http://www.SculptureArtists.org/Giangenta

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