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St George

St George

Posted by Barca Solar on 12/10/2010
 Featured by Justin on 7/6/2011
Relief inspired neoclassical image.
The dragon is a fabulous animal, universal symbolic figure, found in most peoples of the world, in Eastern cultures as primitive and classical.
This medallion, the dragon represents "the animal", the primary enemy to be fought with the "great battle", the "big test" of human beings to attain spirituality, in which we see represented Horus, Perseus San Jorge, San Miguel Archangel..

San Jorge
med: 69x69x3 cm.
550 x 542 px  (65 KB)

 Artist:   Barca Solar  Contact Artist 
Barca Solar
Reliefs inspired by the story ... The collection of relief paintings Solar Boat, surprising both for its originality, for its technical execution. Quality pieces in stone and decorated with land offer aesthetic and symbolic journey through the art of all time, adapting in line with current decorations.

Jose Manuel Solares
Madrid OK  ES
Phone: 636951477

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