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We are giving a platform to new sculptors to bring forth their art works.

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Realistic Sculptures

Depict a real feature which can make sure that you have the right kind of emotions that is shown.

Contemporary Sculptures

We can make sure that with the contemporary art you can have something to showoff.

Simbolism Sculptures

There are many things that you can do to make sure that your art symbolises something more than just a sculpture.

Abstract Sculptures

Abstract which is open to interpretation can make sure that you have the right sculpture which can mean something to you.

Emanuele Rubini


We are try to give platform to the people who are looking to make sure that you have the right beauty at your home.

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Capturing In Marble, Stone or Wood


Going for something classic and chic get a look at our collection and be awestruck.

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  • Art has always been the idea of perspective, knowledge and the aspect of showing why it is unique. One might get offended by art and call it names, but it tends to depict the perspective of an individual, and that individual alone is open for all the factors. History has always shown art to play a significant role and artists are known to use this format as a weapon when they want to express a set of feelings that might be different. This is where sculptors come into the picture, and their masterpieces are noteworthy. Some of them depict visuals and various other aspects since art is open for interpretation. Hence, here are some famous sculptors and their greatest masterpieces.  

    1. Michelangelo

      Students, historians and various other people tend to come across this particular individuals name at one point or another. The important that they bestow upon this name is larger than lifelike, and that is an aspect which you need to consider. Being noted for the period of renaissance, Michelangelo along with a set of artists is known to bring visual imagery to the surface. Through time, he brought about different sculptors, and you require a new term to describe his immense talent.  

    His Greatest Masterpiece - David (1504)


    2. Gian Lorenzo Bernini

      Gian Lorenzo Bernini is an Italian artist whose artwork flourished the period between 17th to 18th century. His dynamic works spoke beyond boundaries and connected with individuals from all across the borders. The Baroque style of sculpture is known to have come into birth from the hands of Gian himself. Patrons who witnessed his artwork were quick to name him as the Michelangelo of his time, and one does not get a better form of appreciation than that. Hence, through all aspects, Gian was an artist for generations.  

    His Greatest Masterpiece - Ecstasy of Saint Teresa (1652)

    3. Donatello

      If you haven't come across this name through any aspect of life, then art may not be your field of interest. Donatello was another artist known for his sculptures and work forms that were on display during the period of renaissance. This Italian gave birth to numerous individuals who have started their career in this field with an epitome of admiration from him. Among the long list of names that were being flooded during the period of renaissance, Donatello was a notable name that everyone acknowledged and respected. His style was unique and gave birth to various methods that were never attempted before. The sense of realism that his work portrayed was immense, as he was an individual who was capable of taking the field to a whole new level.

    His Greatest Masterpiece - The Bronze David (1440s)


  • Venturing into various art forms is an act that many artists tend to do. As far as they are concerned, an artist needs to explore and break all kinds of boundaries along the process. In the same manner, clay sculptures is another field that opens its doors for exploration. But things are not as easy as it sounds due to a whole bunch of reasons. There is a lot of effort and hours of creation that goes into the making of sculpture, and you need to understand the same. Hence, to help you get started, here are some tips for amateurs, when it comes to Clay Sculpting.  

    The Place

      Although one may never take this seriously, it is an aspect that makes all the difference. Clay sculpting needs to take place at a location where your mind is at peace. In terms of distractions, you should not be facing anything, and that is the sole reason behind your art taking the shape of credible sculptures. When your mind has nothing but the sculpture to focus at, you will have all the time in the world to enlighten your art and nothing comes in between.  

    The Pose

      The particular pose that you have in mind needs to be considered and re-considered. This is a big aspect that makes all the difference, and many artists tend to leave all this behind. The pose that you have chosen needs to be perfect from all angles, and that option needs to be examined from all corners. If you tend to approach without examining such aspects, then you are making a huge mistake. Hence, think about the pose and calculate the same from all aspects.

    The Aspects of Creativity

      There is no doubt about the fact that you need to bring your A-game into the matter. But you also need to be creative in another aspect, and that is called problem-solving. Being creative and liberal, when it comes to problem-solving helps you bring about the right kind of solutions. This plays a huge role in the outcome, and you need to think about the same. The end result will be better than ever, and your art will go to places.  

    The Essential Tool

      There is a unique tool that helps you in so many ways, and you need to bring it on board. This particular tool is nothing but the mirror, and you need to understand the same. When your sculptor faces the mirror, it tends to bring out the right kind of expressions and emotions. By all means, this simple technique will help you re-think all factors, and you will have an artwork that speaks for itself.